5 Eyeliner Tips You Need to Try

Do you spend ages trying to perfect your eyeliner? We all know one wrong move can have us looking less cat eye, more black-eye, but how do you avoid those easy mistakes?

Today we’re sharing some essential eyeliner tips that make applying eyeliner a breeze, whether you’ve got 30 minutes or 30 seconds to spare. Learn these tips by heart and you’ll never have to redo your eyes again!

1. Know the difference between pencil, gel & liquid eyeliner

When you’re trying to nail the perfect flick, don’t just grab any old pencil. There are three main types of eyeliner:

  1. Pencil: matte and easy to apply, this is a great eyeliner for novices. Does not spread as smoothly as gel or liquid, but mistakes can be easily blended for a smokey eye effect.
  2. Gel: – gels mostly come in matte effect and they apply very smoothly. Can be used for both thin and thicker lines.
  3. Liquid: great for creating precision lines. Most have a pen or nib to apply, like a felt tip. Done right, they can create a very thin line but can be used for a thicker effect, too.

2. Don’t pull your skin

There are some vital eyeliner mistakes everyone should avoid, and this is certainly one of them!

When you’re applying your eyeliner, particularly liquid, avoid pulling the skin around the eye as it’s more likely to smudge. If your line isn’t perfect, grab a cotton wool swab soaked in makeup remover, or a petroleum jelly, and tidy up any mistakes.

3. Enhance your eye shape

You may love a smokey eye, but does it really suit you?

Just as different clothes suit different people, some makeup looks work better with different eye shapes and colors than others.

The best way to figure out what suits you best is to first identify your eye shape. You’ll be amazed at how different not only your eyes, but your whole face can look with different techniques!

4.Use concealer to camouflage mistakes

Happy with your eyeliner apart from that pesky little smudge?

There’s no need to start over – if it’s only a small mistake, grab the concealer. You can camouflage any smudges and everyone will be none the wiser.

5.Use tape to perfect your cat flick

Do you struggle to create a slim, straight flick?

Take a snippet of tape, repeatedly place it down and rip it off a surface until it loses some of its stick then place it alongside your eye as a template. Gently draw along the edge of the tape and it will create a barrier for any mishaps.

The result? A perfectly even, smooth cat flick.

People keep saying how practice makes perfect. With Sayeeda Black Liquid Liner, you can finally put it to practice as many times as you girls like, as it takes only water to remove any imperfections.

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