7 Ways To Remove Makeup- Which One Is Best For You?

We all have heard whines and complaints from makeup gurus on how cleaning their faces at the end of the day is a big chore.

Now imagine this – being a worker who has to clean their face five times a day. This is a routine most Muslim ladies must face to carry out religious prayers. They wish to remove their makeup quickly whilst ensuring there is no residual cosmetic left.

This is a similar case for everyone else wearing makeup and having to wash it off at some point before sleeping. As burdening as it is to get up and clean your face, washing makeup off before sleep is vital.

Removing cosmetics properly helps boost cellular restoration by eliminating dead skin cells.

The impurities within the facial skin will be rid of, preventing you from experiencing irritation or acne breakouts.

Moreover, cleaning the skin before sleep gives the face a good massage to stimulate the skin’s microcirculation.

From surveys, different people use various methods to clean their makeup. Here we let you analyse which is most suitable for you:


Before makeup inventions got creative, soap and water were the standardized methods to remove makeup. It was easily accessible amongst many.

Soap is undoubted useful however not appropriate for the face. It can wash away makeup, but it is generally harsh-natured. In many cases, it dried and stripped the skin, peeling off its moisture.

As a reflex, the skin produces oil rapidly to compensate for the lack of moisturization, eventually clogging pores with excess oils and cause acnes to form.


Next is what people claim to be least effective: towelettes or facial wipes. Many people used towelettes in hopes to remove makeup but end up having to apply more makeup to cover up the side effects towelettes caused.

Most wipes are saturated with chemicals which can be feasible for makeup removal.

Yet, they often leave chemical residue on the skin and at times smear makeup into the skin.

Other than that, they also contain alcohol which may irritate the skin.

If you feel that facial wipes are the fastest option to remove your makeup, you should consider towelette brands that are extremely gentle, alcohol-free and derm-approved.


An alternative type of wipe that works fast in cleaning cosmetics is baby wipes. As they are initially targeted for babies, they are hypoallergenic and fairly moisturized.

Different brands contain different alcohol content.

Many people turn to baby wipes as makeup removers as they are influenced by the thinking that the product should be gentle for adults as they are gentle for baby skin.

The usage of baby wipes ultimately come down to each individual’s preference.

Baby wipes are diligent in removing makeup quickly but are resistant to work on waterproof makeup. Admittedly, baby wipes are safe, but using them alone to remove makeup is not enough.


Coherently after baby wipes, it was learnt that a handful of people use baby oil to remove makeup. It is found to be effective in removing eye makeup that is usually difficult to be removed by the previously-mentioned methods.

Do take note that baby oils that are natural and safe for the skin can complete such a task.

They are more affordable than commercial eye makeup removers.

However the setback is, baby oil also functions to clog pores.

In conclusion, although baby oil removes makeup quickly, the excess oil that are clogged in the pores will lead to breakouts and acne.


Another type of oil that is increasingly being used by many is the coconut oil. It is an incredible oil to cleanse stubborn water-resistant makeup at any areas of the face.

Especially on the sensitive areas like around the eyes, using coconut oil to remove makeup will not require you to pull or scrub facial muscles.

It not only removes makeup fast, but it also moisturizes the skin richly, seldom causing blemishes or acnes.

How coconut oil is usually used to wash makeup:

  1. Massage a moderate amount of coconut oil into your palm or cotton pads
  2. Gently rub it across the face
  3. Wash the coconut oil off
  4. Wash face again with facial wash or water to ensure there is no residue


Keeping it natural and healthy, some makeup users including models, use steam to wash off their makeup after a long day out.

The process of steaming off your makeup involves filling up a bowl with hot water and hovering your face over it for a minute or two.

The steam works to expand your pores, assisting the cleaner to penetrate the skin deeper to cleanse makeup and impurities.

Steaming does not work as quickly as other makeup removers, which is why it is best to use it before sleep when the day is done.

Another big benefit of steaming is that it does not cost anything – except a tiny portion of your water bill.


Makeup removers are self-explanatory. They were designed to wear off cosmetics through washing.

Their varieties cater to different types of skin based on skin sensitivity. Certain brands include oils that are strong enough to cleanse heavy waterproof eye makeup easily.

This saves you from scrubbing and pulling your skin or lashes, as well as your time since it removes makeup speedily.

Most makeup removal procedures for this method consist two steps:

  1. Wash your face with makeup remover to clean the makeup
  2. Wash your face a second time to clean the skin

It is advised to give this procedure a double-cleanse as the second time is targeted for your skin health.

Removing makeup this way will spontaneously allow you to massage your face to boost circulation, leading you to have a natural glow.

We know all of these can be a hassle, especially if you are outside or in a rush. So why not try products that are wudhu-friendly?

By definition, wudhu-friendly is cosmetic or skincare products that are made of halal ingredient which are extremely easy to remove!

So now you don’t even have to lunge your make up remover or a facial cleanser in your bag whenever you want to take wudhu outside. Isn’t that great?

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