Top 7 Asian Beauty Secrets For Youthful Skin

Asians are known for their youthful skin and looking younger than they are. This is thanks to their extensive skin care routine, which includes 20-27 steps in their regime, and what they consume regularly. They highly believe in natural ingredients, as the saying goes, what is good for your body is good for your skin.

Not just skin care, makeup plays a role too. Koreans, for example have set a lot of makeup trends focusing on looking natural and youthful, such as the ombre lips, glass skin and light eyebrows to name a few.

If 27 steps to skin care sounds a bit of a stretch, here are some simple practices to include in your beauty regime for that youthful glow.

#1- Keep Yourself Hydrated

We are 60% water, and it is what that’s keeping our cells plump and nourished. Dehydration can cause skin cells to lose its firm, causing your skin to dry out and eventually sag. Facial mists have become a staple for Asian women to rejuvenate in the middle of the day. Drinking enough water is also as important to target skin at other areas of the body.

#2- Slap Your Skin

You can see this in many Korean skin care commercials, as the person slaps on moisturiser or serums. This enhances absorption of products into skin and also increases blood flow to the face delivering oxygen to the skin cells. Healthy cells are key to good looking skin.

#3- Never Leave Without SPF

Wherever there is any bit of light, no matter indoors or outdoors, there are UV rays. UV rays has been highlighted of high importance for its harmful effects like skin cancer, cataract, aging and melanin production. Studies have shown that SPF only works with a minimum pea sized amount. So it is recommended to get an SPF on its own rather than in a mix of cosmetics and skin products. But even better to have both to up the dosage! There’s no such thing as too much SPF.

#4- Polish Your Skin

This is advised to do in moderation as to not excessively strip of the skin from it’s natural barrier. Exfoliate your skin gently 3 times a week to get rid of dullness and to always renew your skin layer. Exfoliants also sometimes come in a face mask, so that is killing two birds with one stone. But remember to always look out for natural exfoliants like sugar, sand, seeds and avoid micro plastic as it is one of the biggest sea polluters.

#5- Drink Tea

You are what you eat. Tea has been a daily staple for Asians; turmeric tea, green tea and ginseng tea are some of the examples. They help with the immune system, boosting overall health. Green tea is known for it’s fat burning properties and also antioxidants for better skin. Because of its mild taste, it is famous amongst younger people compared to other herbal teas. Some even go the extent of putting tea bags on their face as a cleanser or a toner.

#6- Oil in Cleansers

Contrary to popular belief, oils are beneficial even for acne prone skin. An oil free cleanser is often too harsh causing the skin to dry out, also stripping away your skin’s natural barrier. An exposed skin is more prone to bacteria and excessive sebum production, causing acne and whiteheads. Just make sure your product has no mineral oils in it, or simply look out for a gentle soap free cleanser.

#7- Monthly Facials

If you do not see results from a facial, it means you do not go there enough! If you have not been to one in a long time, try to go for facials twice a month then slowly decrease to at least once monthly. Facials are a great way of getting rid of stubborn gunk and deep penetrating your skin with all the good stuff your beauty parlour has to offer.

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