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Which Letter is Right For You?- Difference Between BB, CC & DD Cream

If you’ve set foot in Sephora, a drugstore or anywhere near a cosmetics counter lately, chances are you’ve been bombarded by a bewildering array of flesh colored fluids. The alphabet formulations–like BB cream, CC cream, and soon DD creams–have joined tinted moisturizers and standard foundation on the shelves as potential skin-perfecting options. But what do […]

Why the World Wants Halal Cosmetics?

From Singapore and Malaysia to countries like Canada and Russia, Halal-certified cosmetics are gradually taking the world by storm. Manufacturers, founders and consumers of the global beauty industry begin to show curiosity in why this is happening. To give a brief introduction, Halal cosmetics are facial beauty products that do not include any alcoholic substances […]

You’ve Heard of Halal Food, But Have You Heard of Halal Cosmetic?

Ever felt worried that your makeup is causing you breakouts? Or you wish that your makeup could enhance your skin health and not just your appearance? Let us introduce you to your skin’s saviour – Halal cosmetics! You can browse through magazines, surf news on the internet, observe the commercials on television, and you will […]


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