Choosing The Right Type of Foundation For You

Foundation is, as the word suggests, an essential building block of makeup. It is the base on which all the other colours on the makeup palette sit, which is why choosing the right foundation is crucial to attaining that seemingly flawless and dewy complexion. Get it wrong, and like a house, it all falls down.

Despite the slew of advertisements in magazines extolling the virtues of a particular foundation, there is no such thing as the “one size fits all” perfect foundation. Getting beautiful coverage lies in choosing the right foundation for your skin type.

Where in the past, women suffered from a lack of options when it came to foundation, the issue now is that there are too many types, making it hard for the woman on the street to decipher one from the other.

Selecting foundation seems to have become almost a science. Oil-based or oil-free? Same tone as the skin or a tone lighter? Pink-based or yellow-based? Stick foundation or liquid foundation?

While there isn’t any hard and fast rule to picking the right foundation, these tips may help you find the right base for your face:

  1. When trying foundation, don’t just test it on the back of your hand as skin tones can differ quite vastly on different parts of your body. It is best to blend the foundation along your jaw line, as the face generally tends to be a lighter shade than the neck.
  2. To get the right shade that suits both your face and neck, get a shade slightly lighter than the neck as foundation tends to oxidize and darken slightly when we perspire or our skin starts to secrete sebum, especially in Singapore’s humid weather.

#1- Liquid Foundation

Or tinted moisturizers are suitable for those with relatively clear and healthy complexions. A thin layer of liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer followed by a loose dusting of loose powder in a matching shade is all you need. The loose powder helps the foundation to last and also takes away shine.

Application: Apply concealer only after you have applied foundation, as we tend to be a tad heavy-handed with the concealer to conceal dark eye circles or blemishes, which are naturally more apparent before foundation is applied. As a result of the thick application, there may be patchiness or flakiness later in the day.

Use a damp makeup sponge or foundation brush for a smoother finish. When blending near the jaw line, use your finger as the temperature of your fingertips will help make the application more even.

#2- Cream Foundation

If your skin is dry, a rich cream foundation may just be the thing for you. A cream foundation provides thicker coverage and has a heavier texture than a liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Hence, freckles, spots and uneven skin tones can be covered up more easily.

Application: For a cream foundation, use your fingers or a sponge to apply gingerly. As cream foundations dry very fast upon application, work quickly to avoid patchy coverage. Remember to blend along the hairline, the jaw and the chin.

Always finish with loose powder as cream foundations contain a lot more oil than other types of foundation, which often means more shine.

#3- Two-Way Powder Foundation

For those with wrinkles or oily skin, a two-way powder foundation or two-way cake is best, as liquid and cream foundations tend to create crease lines, which accentuate wrinkles.

With a two-way cake, always apply an oil-free makeup base before applying the foundation as this will help to even out the surface of the skin surface and help the foundation to set better. For thicker coverage, you can apply the two-way cake using a wet sponge. As the name indicates, the two-way powder foundation can be used wet or dry.

Unlike liquid and cream foundation, however, you will need to apply concealer before applying the two-way powder foundation.

Don’t neglect the skincare!

Regardless of what foundation you use, always be diligent with cleansing, toning and moisturizing before and after application. In addition, sunscreen is a must before you apply foundation, unless your foundation contains SPF. Consistent skincare is still more important than makeup when it comes to achieving that flawless complexion. Get a whole range of halal skincare here –> click me!

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