Five Reasons to Wear Perfumes

How often do you wear perfume?

If your answer is rarely or never, now is the perfect time to start. There are many benefits to wearing your signature scent every day!

Here are five reasons to visit our new launch fragrances site and start indulging in your favourite scents.

1. Boost Your Confidence
Are you preparing for an interview or your monthly presentations? Wear your scents of confidence. When you smell good, you will feel good. Especially when you’re heading out on a first date, wearing perfume can help you feel your best.

To really get a confidence boost, make sure that you choose a scent that you truly love and melds with your personality. The right scent can make you feel like you can tackle anything that comes your way. That can be a great help when you need to take on an important task, like landing a job or trying to impress a new romantic partner.

2. Make a Great First Impression
They say that appearance is everything if you want to make a good first impression, but scent can be equally as important. You can be dressed to the nines, but if you don’t smell fresh, you will fail to make a good impression.

Your perfume completes the package. It creates the impression that you care about your appearance. You take pride in your hygiene and the way you dress. That makes a good first impression, which is important if you’re:

  •         Going to an interview
  •         Heading into a meeting
  •         Going out on a date
  •         Meeting with clients

Truly, anytime you are out in public, you want to make a good first impression on anyone you meet or pass by.

To make the best first impression, make sure that you’re choosing the right scent. For example, wear perfume for day wear when out at work or shopping. Fragrances for night wear may be too overpowering for day wear.

3. Trigger Memories or Emotions
Scents are inexplicably linked to memories and emotions. Certain smells can evoke feelings of happiness and love or sorrow and grief. They can also trigger fond memories and take you back to special moments in time.

For example:

  • Perhaps you had a favourite perfume that you always wore as a teenager. Wearing that same scent or a similar scent may help you relive those moments when you were carefree and happy.
  • If you associate the scent of roses with your grandmother, wearing rose-scented perfume may remind you of her and evoke feelings of love or joy.
  • Maybe the smell of cinnamon reminds you of autumn, so wearing a perfume with hints of cinnamon may make you evoke feelings of warmth or cozy.

The scent is a truly powerful thing and wearing perfume can help you take advantage of this power. When you’re feeling low, the right scent can lift your spirits.

4. Create a Signature Scent
Many people wear perfume because it’s a part of their identity. They have a signature scent that they will always wear, and that scent makes them memorable. Remember that scent is a very powerful thing. If you wear the same perfume every day, others will associate you with that scent and think of you every time smell it.
If you’re wearing perfume as a signature scent, make sure that you choose a timeless scent that you’ll still enjoy wearing years (or decades) from now.

5. Lift Your Mood
If you know the right way to wear perfume, you can use it as a mood booster. Refreshing scents can make you feel energized and uplift your mood. As mentioned previously, you can also use perfume as a way to remind yourself of happier days and evoke joyful feelings.

The right smell can instantly make you feel better.

The beauty of using perfume as a mood lifter is that you can reapply it as necessary to refresh that mood boost throughout the day.

Perfume has been used since ancient times to help people feel their best. People still wear perfume for the same reasons today. If you haven’t adopted a signature scent, these five benefits are great reasons to find one.

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