Green Tea & Potato Juice Face Mask

You don’t have to book nightly appointments at the spa or buy expensive face masks to treat your facial skin. We share with you a time and money-saving way to create one of the best hydrating face masks: green tea and potato juice face mask. This face mask is made of all-natural ingredients that will assist your skin’s detoxing process and moisturize your skin overnight.



  • 2 green tea bags
  • Potato juice
  • Cotton pad


  1. Brew 2 green tea bags in a pot and let the tea cool down
  2. After the tea has cooled, extract the juice from 1 potato and mix into the green tea
  3. Stir thoroughly, blending both mixtures together then place it aside
  4. Wash your face with your usual facial cleanser and dry your face afterwards
  5. Take a cotton pad and soak in the green tea and potato juice mixture
  6. Apply it at all areas of your face and neck
  7. Leave it on throughout the night
  8. Wash the mask off once you awake in the morning

Although green tea leaves and potato juice are a rare combination, this purely natural mixture executes various tasks to improve our skin’s health. It gets rid of irritation or any signs of inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

When used regularly, the skin will feel fresher and young as it has been detoxified well on many nights. The tightened and cleaned pores eventually leads to reduction of breakouts and acne. Furthermore, the nutrients in both the green tea leaves and potato juice even out skin tone thus brighten dark spots, especially the ones under the eyes. As they both carry healing properties as well, acne scars are easily healed with frequent use of the mask.

Who knew most of your facial skin problems could be aided by merely two ingredients?

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