Hair Care Tips for Hijabis

Contrary to popular belief, hijabis are not bald under their hijabs! Even though our hair is protected from the natural elements (wind, sunlight, snow, rain, etc.), that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take care of it. Often times, we can forget to take care of our hair properly, because so often it’s out of sight, out of mind. But we’ve compiled a list of some hair care tips for hijabis that will help you nourish your hair so it can stay healthy.

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Don’t tie wet hair

Many of you might already know this tip, but it’s equally important for girls who wear hijab because many of us tie up our wet hair under our hijabs when we’re in a rush and have to go out. Tying up wet hair is already known to be damaging to the roots of the hair, but it can even worse for hijabis because the hair doesn’t get to naturally dry and stays tied up for hours. Tying up wet hair adds another element to the dreaded condition of ‘hijab-hair’ since the hair ends up drying flat against the scalp so that when you remove your hijab, probably hours later, your hair is flat and limp.

Avoid this by giving yourself lots of time to dry your hair. Plan washing your hair a few hours before you have to go out so that it has plenty of time to dry before you have to tie it up and put on your hijab. If you’re in a total rush and can’t wait for it to dry naturally, use a blow-dryer sparingly.

Sit in the sun

Given the fact that you wear hijab pretty much all day, chances are your hair and scalp probably don’t see much sunlight. And depending on what kind of neighbourhood you live it, it might not be feasible for you to just sit outside in your background with your hijab on.

So we suggest opening up in the blinds and curtains in your home and sitting in the sunniest part of the house for at least half an hour a week. Vitamin D is essential for the hair and scalp, and just because you keep your hair covered doesn’t mean that your hair can’t get any! So let in the sunlight and soak up some rays.

Open up your hair

If you’re a hijabi, chances are you keep your hair tightly tied up all day under your hijab, and maybe even an underscarf. It’s the only way to keep your hijab in place. But when you come home, take it off! Open up your hair, take out that hair tie, and run your fingers through the hair and scalp to get some circulation going. Some of us wear hijab for several hours a day, depending on our lifestyle, and our hair doesn’t really get to breathe. So maximize those hours when you’re home and don’t have to cover up- let your hair loose and let your scalp breathe.

If you absolutely must wear a hijab at home, if non-mehram live with you, then try tying your hijab more loose to get some air circulation going. Your scalp will thank you!

Wash underscarves regularly 

This might be an obvious one, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you! Whether you have one underscarf or many, it’s important to wash them regularly since they are what our hair and scalp are pretty much glued to all day (and not so much the actual scarf). Lots of dandruff and dust can build up in them, so it’s important to keep them clean, because if they’re not clean, then they’ll damage your hair. Try to have two or three in your collection so you can switch between them.

Cut hair regularly 

Just because you wear hijab doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take cut your hair! Whether you’re growing it out or keeping it short, trimming your hair every 4 to 6 weeks is highly recommended, just to get rid of split ends. So even if no one else gets to see your hair, don’t neglect it and make sure you get it cut regularly to keep it growing healthy.

Don’t tie hair too tightly

We know this might be difficult as a hijabi, but try not to tie your hair back too tightly. It might be a habit, especially to try and keep all the hair from escaping your hijab, but try and tie your hair a little looser at least one day of the week so as not to strain the roots of your hair from constantly being pulled back. If you wear an underscarf, your hair will be kept back anyways.

Just because you wear hijab, girls, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of your hair! Your hair is another part of you, like your teeth or nails, and just because the world doesn’t get to see it doesn’t mean that you should neglect it. So keep these hair care tips for hijabis in mind so you can ensure that your hair stays healthy and strong.

Credit: The Muslim Girl

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