You’ve Heard of Halal Food, But Have You Heard of Halal Cosmetic?

Ever felt worried that your makeup is causing you breakouts? Or you wish that your makeup could enhance your skin health and not just your appearance? Let us introduce you to your skin’s saviour – Halal cosmetics!

You can browse through magazines, surf news on the internet, observe the commercials on television, and you will get to know that the demand for Halal cosmetics has been escalating tremendously over recent years.

This phenomenon in the beauty industry is not only taking place in the Southeast Asian region but all over the world.

Many are curious as to what is this Halal cosmetic and how is it distinctive from regular cosmetics sold in the industry.

What is Halal Cosmetic?

To begin with, it is important to know what defines a Halal cosmetic.

Derived from the Islamic term, ‘Halal’ is an Arabic word that linguistically means lawful or permissible. This term is commonly used in relation to food consumption, meat products, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Researchers have settled with a definition for this subject, which is:

Halal cosmetics are facial beauty products that do not include any alcoholic substances or ingredients derived from animals in their formulas – especially animals that are deemed forbidden under Islamic law like dogs and pigs. Thus, excluding the formulas from having prohibited features like lard, gelatin and glycerin.

Halal cosmetics are largely (or fully) considered to be organic. If the products contain animal derivatives, the (land) animals must be slaughtered appropriately under the guidelines of the Islamic law. The manufacturing procedures of these cosmetics are also approved by the Islamic jurisprudence, in a way that its process is human and animal cruelty-free.

With regards to ingredients from animals, all aquatic animals that are halal for consumption are permissible to be used in such cosmetics. For instance, Halal makeup powder comprises marine collagen that can make your skin look flawless at the same time restore healthy skin cells.

Alcohol in Halal Cosmetic?

It is to be taken note of that alcohol is an essential ingredient for certain cosmetics.

While it is known that alcohol is strictly prohibited in Islam (and many other religions), there is a specific type of alcohol that is permissible for use in products as it does not intoxicate the user or weakens the user’s consciousness.

With this being said, we learn that Halal cosmetics take an advanced step into safety precautions by not incorporating alcohol in their products at all.

Plant-Based Ingredients

As we delve deeper into Halal cosmetics, we discover that they disallow ingredients obtained from the human body.

Islamic law allows most formulators to make use of plant-based stem calls instead of human ones. Coherently, Halal cosmetics consist plants and microorganism features such as botanical extracts, soil, essential oils and allantoin.

Production of Halal Cosmetics

The way the cosmetics are being handled since they are being manufactured also plays a part in determining their Halal title. James Jangsuh Noh of the Korea Institute of Halal Industry stressed that the entire supply chain including handling, packaging, storage, distribution and labelling will have to meet the criteria to be branded as Halal cosmetics.

Due to Halal cosmetics’ ingredients and producing operation, they appeal to large groups of Muslims, vegans and non-Muslims who are cautious of what is being applied on their faces.

We can conclude that Halal cosmetics is booming in the beauty industry today as many people realise these products are not merely cosmetics, but they serve as skincare products as well.

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