Change Up Your Two-Way Cake Foundation Application

This gets it on faster and more evenly than ever before.

When it comes to foundations, many of us pick two-way cakes for the one-swipe, high coverage and matte finish they offer.

But let’s face it, thick, powdery foundation that covers every inch of your skin isn’t exactly a look that’s flattering, or necessary, especially when you’ve passed your pimply, greasy-skinned teens.

But if two-way cake foundation is still your comfort zone when it comes to base makeup because, well, the liquids, cushions, mousses just seem like a bit more trouble, that’s all well and good, but here’s a tip to get a sheerer, more even, less cakey finish from your two-way cake. And this method is much faster and more efficient for application. 

Two words: Kabuki brushes.

This type of makeup brush is ideal for powder foundation because of its short, dense hairs that pick up just the right amount of powder and spreads it like a light veil onto the skin.

And we love the retractable types especially. Super handy to throw into your makeup pouch to use on the go.

Credit: Elle Singapore

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