3 Makeup Essentials Every Woman Need in Their Purse

Some people think that makeup is a waste of time. But 5 mins of self-grooming is hardly a dent in the clock! A full-face makeup is an art, which can take hours. But for women on the go, we wear makeup to refresh ourselves.

You have to admit, the way you look does affect your mood for the day. If you look fresh, you will feel fresh. Here are 3 main items to always keep in your purse for light touch ups throughout the day.

#1- Eyebrow Pencil

Eyes are the windows to your soul, but eyebrows are the frames to your face! Defined brows and can make or break your whole look. Fill in the tail of your brows darker than the front and brush it to soften the colour and comb the hairs in place.

Tip for hijabis: bring back your hijab to have your full eyebrows on display for a fresher look!

#2- Foundation Powder

Get rid of the greasiness Singapore’s heat gives you after lunch. Blot your face with a tissue, then use a foundation powder to even out your skin tone with a lasting matte finish. Foundation powder has a higher coverage than a normal compact powder.

That is because, its main function is to act as a foundation by applying with a wet sponge that turns it creamy. However, it can still be used as a powder with an added bonus that it is high coverage. Checkout Sayeeda’s Collagen Foundation 2-Way Cake

#3- Tinted Lip Balm

Nobody wants to look pale. Add a splash of colour to your face with natural looking rosy lips. A glossy pink finish will give you a youthful radiance. Achieve that look with Sayeeda’s bestselling Collagen Lip Care

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