Moisturize That Lips!

Lip care is important, yet it’s not something that crosses everyone’s mind. You may know to wash and moisturize your face or take care of the hair each morning and night, but is lip care also something you perform on a daily basis? If preventing signs of aging on your skin is already a goal, then remember to also take care of your lips. After all, who doesn’t love having soft, plumped lips? Here are four tips for creating a consistent lip care routine.

1. Drink Water to Stay Hydrated

We all know that drinking water is healthy for many reasons. It can help control your appetite, soften your skin and fine lines, as well as helps keep your lips soft and supple. If your lips are dry or cracked, that’s a sign of dehydration and that your body needs more water. According to the Institute of Medicine, women should drink 104 ounces of water daily. That’s 13 cups of water. Space out your water consumption throughout the day and enjoy better-looking skin and lips!

2. Apply Balms and Masks

Just like applying moisturizer helps your skin stay soft and ageless, adding a nice lip balm to your lips a few times a day can help keep aging at bay while making them soft. For the most natural remedy, elect for a simple lip balm or body balm and avoid ingredients like menthol and eucalyptus, as they can lead to further lip irritation if you already have chapped lips.

Lip masks have begun popping up in beauty stores all over the world. They are like face masks, except they are applied just to the lips. There are lip masks for every sort of lip problem, and these can help heal and soften the lips in just a twenty-minute period.

3. Use a DIY Lip Scrub

Using a lip exfoliator regularly helps to remove dead skin and encourage the skin regeneration process. There are many lip scrubs on the market, but it’s relatively easy to create a homemade one as well.

4. Stimulate Collagen with Red Light Therapy

Light therapy is popular for handling acne, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. In particular, red light therapy is used to stimulate collagen growth to treat signs of aging on the face and body, among other uses. Red LED lip devices, meanwhile, are used to stimulate collagen production on the lips and around the mouth, increasing the firmness of these areas. The result is more plump and softer lips and a more youthful appearance around the perioral area of the face.

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