Powder Foundation For Everyday Makeup

If you’re anything like us, you have a product for every time and place. Off to the beach? Grab your BB cream. Hitting the gym? Just a little dab of concealer will do, of course. For special occasions, reach for the heavy-duty stuff with higher coverage. But if heavy creams or liquid foundations are not your vibes, you might be a good candidate for a quality powder foundation.

Powder foundation vs. liquid foundation and which one is right for you

Skin is in and we all want a holy grail foundation that gives us a flawless complexion. However, there are hundreds of foundations out in the market and most of us don’t want to break the bank trying every single one. So, we’re here to break down to you the benefits of powder foundation.

Powder Foundation: Best For Oily, Normal, Combination and Sensitive and Acne-prone Skin

Powder foundation is your girl if you have oily, normal, combination, sensitive or acne-prone skin! Powder foundations are weightless and have oil-absorbing properties which are great for our Wander Beauties that want to lessen shine throughout the day. Not only do they have oil-absorbing properties, but they are also less likely to clog pores which is ideal for those who are acne-prone. It is the perfect foundation for the summertime because it helps combat the excess oils from the hot and humid summer days.

Powder foundations are your best friend for touching up on the go. Unlike liquid foundations, powder foundations sit on your skin which can make the foundation last longer. Besides providing coverage, powder foundations can also set your makeup! Who doesn’t want to carry one less item in their makeup bag! 

Disadvantages of Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is known for being harder to apply evenly and smoothly. It can often become patchy and look like it’s caked on your face. If you’re looking for a smooth, glowing finish, a powder foundation probably won’t be able to achieve the look you’re looking for.

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