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After just 2 weeks using the Aqua Wash Cleanser, I can see that my skin is less oily. And my face looks brighter now too.

RM Ezlina

After using the moisturiser, I can really feel its long-lasting moisture. My skin feels really smooth & moist even after a long day. Also I realised my complexion became much brighter.


I love the Collagen Lip Care! The pinkish tint gives my lips such a natural & sweet colour. It even brightens up my whole face. I look healthier & fresher. Awesome product!


I love how easy it is to remover the powder. It really helps a lot when I want to take the wudhu. The powder looks really natural too.


I love the lip care product! It’s a must have, especially those who love natural looks! Easy to apply on the go and the natural pinkish tint is perfect for me. Will definitely keep repurchasing!


I usually don’t wear make up to work, because it’s too much work in the morning haha! But simply by just applying the Collagen 2-Way Cake, my face looks so fresh & pleasant. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my complexion ever since!


The collagen lip care product is great and leaves a natural pinkish tint. My mum wants me to get her one as well. The aqua facial wash and day&night moisturiser works amazingly well for me too. I could see its effects within 3 days of using it.

Nour Mashitah

Before this I had cracked and dull lips. But after using collagen lip care, my lips now looks soft, smooth, pink & healthy!

Siti Sheeraza
Supporting local and wudhu-friendly products. I love the products and make purchase in bundle sets. I do suggest for the Moisturizer (as this is being used in the morning and evening), that it would be available in a big-sized bottle. Also would be great if Sayeeda can come up with travel-sized/ sampler packs for first time users as well!
Dahlia Aleem

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