Simple Solutions for Sweaty Summer Makeup Messes

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Whether it’s the short walk to the office that has you feeling sticky or a day in the park that leaves you with no relief from the sun, sweating off your makeup in the summer is inevitable (and so not a cute look on anyone). We’ve already spent a good chunk of our morning applying our makeup, so to have it running off of our face by midday is such a pain. What more in the, sometimes, unforgiving all-year long summer in Singapore.

But don’t worry ladies, it’s nothing a quick touch-up can’t fix! We talked to Kelsey Deenihan, Celebrity Makeup Artist for mark. Cosmetics, to get her best tips on how to go from red-faced and raccoon-eyed back to fresh and #flawless in no time.


When the humidity is literally melting the foundation off your face, Deenihan suggests taking a fix it spray and spritzing your face all over (you may also use Sayeeda Mist Hijab or just a simple rose water). Lightly dab, don’t wipe, at your face and then reapply as you normally would. “Especially in humidity, I would stick to liquid because it’s going to marry the skin rather than start becoming pasty.” So, avoid any powders that tend to get thick on your face when mixing with other products or sweat.


After a long, sweaty day, that dramatic smokey eye you perfected earlier that morning is bound to start creasing on your eyelid. Luckily for us, Deenihan gave us a quick tip for a touch-up that only involves using your finger. “A little circular dabbing motion is just going to heat up the product a little bit and make it able to move around so that you can reblend it into your skin.” Use your ring finger so you get just the right amount of pressure without removing any of the shadow and always use a waterproof mascara for hot summer days.


When your eyebrows are on point, we couldn’t think of anything more awkward than having them sweat off all down your face during the day. To avoid that at all costs, Deenihan says to use a product you most certainly have already: hairspray! Brow gels work, but are sometimes too liquid-y and drag the powder off right away. Instead, spray the hairspray onto a spoolie brush and lightly brush upwards over your brow. Another great trick with hairspray? Deenihan says spraying your whole face (with your eyes and mouth closed) will help set your makeup in humid or sweaty conditions. Just make sure it’s an aerosol can and avoid breathing in any of the fumes!

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