The Goodness of Powder Foundation

Both liquid and powder foundations can cover blemishes, even skin tone, and protect your skin from the sun depending on the product. The real question is, which foundation is best for you?

You should choose powder foundation if you:

  • Have oily skin
  • Need something that’s easy to reapply
  • Often sweat
  • Have sensitive skin
  • Want something fast to apply

Advantages of Powder Foundation

If you want something that will last all day, choose a powder foundation. While the powder is less likely to stay on and cover any acne, it is easily brushed over concealer for a nice matte finish. Your skin doesn’t absorb the powder like it might a liquid, which means that the powder foundation is great for those with an oily skin type.

  • It provides sheer coverage for a more natural look. (Although there are full coverage options for powder foundation, it’s probably easier to get very sheer, light coverage using powder and a Kabuki brush applicator. A quality brush applicator will help you achieve a professional look more easily when using a powder foundation. Brushes are fun to experiment with, too.)
  • The powder works well with young or oily skin because it tends to absorb oily residue.
  • Powdered mineral makeup may contain fewer preservatives and other additives than conventional foundation products.
  • Dry foundation tends to stay put in warm weather or during those times when perspiration (ahem, glistening) can be a problem.
  • Since it goes on almost like face powder, powdered makeup can be reapplied easily during the day as needed.

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