Lipstick … Love it or Hate it?

Lips talk … the good & bad about lipstick

Lipstick has the power to define your look and enhance your appearance dramatically. Some women vouch that applying a coat of their favourite lip shade can improve their confidence, even on the worst of days. Simply puckering up with a luscious, vibrant red lipstick can make you feel more sophisticated or edgy without having to change your clothes! However, our mood booster doesn’t come without hassle. Whether it’s worrying that the shade has migrated to your teeth or constantly having to reapply to keep the colour rich and supple, wearing lipstick can sometimes feel like a chore. Let’s check out the pros and cons of wearing lipstick.


Enhances Your Appearance
Believe it or not, lipstick doesn’t just define and flatter your lips; it also can intensify the colour of your eyes by emphasizing their natural colour. Lipstick can also define your eyes! Defining your lips draws even slims your face by drawing people’s eyes to the centre of your face and away from the outline. Wearing a lip colour that compliments your skin tone can make your skin appear healthier. Oh, and did I mention it brightens your smile?

Heals and Protects
When you invest in high-quality lipstick, it is likely to provide SPF protection that can prevent your lips from premature ageing due to sun damage.  Some lipsticks are also packed with vitamins and moisturizer to keep lips looking soft and smooth.


Lipstick Trails
While the number of smudge-proof, kiss-proof lipsticks is rapidly expanding, many of them unfortunately do not live up to their endurance promises and often transfer after a few hours or become patchy-looking. If you’re meeting a friend for a drink, chances are you’ll be leaving a nice ring of lipstick around the top of the glass by the end of the night. You’ll also be hesitant to change your clothes for fear of getting a lipstick stain on them.   

DRY LIPS alert!
What a girl doesn’t want are her lips to be chapped and dry over time. Especially when wearing liquid or matte lipstick, hey, you are not alone. No one likes the appearance of cracks that form when you have been wearing liquid lipstick for too many hours. The best way to avoid this issue is to apply an undercoat on your lips with SAYEEDA LIP CARE COLLAGEN to protect your lips to be overdry.

Collagen Lip Care is a moisturizing lipstick infused with natural extracts such as propolis, virgin coconut oil, and sea cucumber to help retain moisture and prevent dry, chapped lips. Other important ingredients include marine collagen, olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, and jojoba oil which helps soothes and repair the skin. Vitamin E is also added to fight damaging free radicals. It is easily applied and glides smoothly even on your dry lips! effects.

Well, to maintain healthy lips, there is some maintenance required to make sure it’s looking moist and luscious. In my opinion, the benefits of good lip care far outweigh the bad!

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