Are You Using The Right Eyeliner, The Right Way? Find Out.

From Adele, CL, Kristen Stewart to other celebrities that rarely part from their eye makeup, many people have begun to pick up eyeliner skills in attempt to look like their favourite artistes.

Coming with various sets of techniques and types, eyeliners are usually aimed to sharpen the overall eye-look and add an exotic feature to the top half of our faces. Despite this global trend that has been going on for centuries, it is important to not compromise our health for physical appearances.

Optometrists and ophthalmologists announced that eyeliners can harm our eyes – eyeballs and eyelids.

If putting eyeliner on is part of your must-do daily routine, check if you are experiencing or have experienced any of these complications:

  • Blurred vision / eyesight worsens
  • Eye infections
  • Bacteria entering the eyes
  • Discomfort for those with sensitive or dry eyes
  • Irritation
  • Redness

The damage may be influenced by these main factors:

#1: Ingredients

Many producers wish to flourish their eyeliner products in the market by making it the best in terms of water-resistance, thickness, smoothness etc. With this goal in mind, certain harmful ingredients may be included in the cosmetic to achieve that ideal quality.

These ingredients include phthalates, sulphates, urea and talc.

Although they act as feasible stabilizers and preservatives, they were found to irritate the skin. Some even suspect them to carry cancer risks.

Furthermore, many eyeliner brands contain wax, silicones and oils which help the ink stick to the skin. This makes it difficult to wipe off thus require more effort and friction to rid it off your eyelids.

It is vital to check the ingredients of your eyeliners.

Opt for eyeliners that contain ingredients benefitting your eye area. For instance, eyeliners that are formulated by pure kohl or collagen.

They have natural elements that can improve eyesight or moisturise the skin at the eye area. On top of that, find eyeliners that are suitable for your type of skin.

#2: How You Apply

How you apply your eyeliner plays a part. A common mistake on how people put it on is applying it on the inner eyelid. This method is commonly known as ‘water-lining.’

However pretty it makes your eyes look, too much of doing this will block the oil glands responsible of protecting your cornea.

Coherently, it makes the eyes more vulnerable to bacteria and affecting your vision. Applying it on the mentioned area may lead the eyeliner to move to your eye, damaging it directly.

Wearing it on the move may sound tempting when you’re late to a meeting.

Here is our advice: do not risk putting on eyeliner when you’re not in a stable position. There is a chance of you scratching your cornea.

This causes corneal abrasion. Corneal abrasions can be excruciating, making you uncomfortable.

If the discomfort, redness and tear do not alarm you enough, the scratch may lead to bacterial infections in your cornea.

With this, try to apply liner only on the outside of your eyelids.

#3: How You Remove Your Eye Makeup

Removing makeup before you sleep is essential.

Although most of us wish to do it briskly, eye makeup should be removed in a gentler manner compared to other areas of our faces.

The skin surrounding our eyes are very fragile. Removing makeup the wrong way may also cause irritation and worsen your vision in the long run.

Avoid rubbing your eyelids vigorously, especially with a harsh instrument. Gently and thoroughly wipe off the eye makeup so that no residue can lead to possible eye issues such as infections, puffiness and discolouration.

Wanting to give your look a little glow is fun, but ensure you use the eye-deal eyeliner to maintain those beautiful eyes!

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