Two Great Methods of Applying Powder Foundation

Think powder foundation is all about caking and baking? Think again!

Made without the emollient, pore-clogging ingredients found in some liquid foundation, powder formulas are pretty much every skin type’s best friend. Combination and acne-prone gals get breathable coverage that smooths over any imperfections. Oily guys and gals get the shine control that lasts all day. Everyone gets a buildable, velvet-matte finish. What’s not to love? 

While it takes less time and precision to apply powder foundation than some other foundation formulas, there are some tried and true makeup artist tricks to creating different looks. We’re going to share our favorite tips with you and walk through two different techniques: one for achieving a sun-drenched finish, and one for a perfectly blended, full-coverage makeup look.

How to Apply Powder Foundation with a Powder Brush

Generally speaking, powder brushes are your best bet for getting a non-cakey, sheer finish, though this can vary based on the product you choose. 

However, you can also use a powder foundation and powder brush over liquid or cream foundations for more full coverage. We love this technique for when our usual face makeup routine just isn’t cutting it or when we want to make sure our makeup will last all day long. 

use a large, full brush to evenly distribute the product over your face for an even finish. Use light sweeping motions, and then gently buff the product in. You ladies should try this method for a smooth finish.

How to Apply Powder Foundation with a Makeup Sponge

Makeup sponges give you more coverage with every foundation formula, and many powder compacts come with one included. If you want to use a wet blender sponge with powder, be sure to wring it out thoroughly and blot it with a clean towel or tissue first to remove excess water. That’ll keep you from getting a cakey or streaky application. Just as you would with a powder brush, apply your concealer, tinted moisturizer, foundation, or BB cream first. 

You’re going to take your sponge, dry or damp, and tap the big side into the powder, then gently tap off any excess. Next, stipple the areas that tend to get shiny first—your nose, chin, and forehead—to create an even canvas. From there you can start bouncing your way out across your cheeks, jaw, and neck for a seamless finish, being careful to tap the sponge and not drag it across your skin. 

And that’s it! Seal the deal with setting powder if you like, and your powder foundation look is all set.

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